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At TAYLOR MADE, we believe in the healing and revitalizing power of plants, and that pure, simple ingredients are deeply nourishing. TAYLOR MADE SKINCARE body scrubs are powerful, yet gentle scrubs that help improve your skin and shirk large pores, without stripping away natural oils. Composed with therapeutic properties, Our scrubs leave your skin looking and feeling healed, smoother, brighter and much younger. 

Although we're a boutique brand based in Louisiana, our formulations are steeped in a rich heritage of natural remedies. Our founder’s bloodline can even be directly traced back to visionary herbal doctors.

Today, TAYLOR MADE SKIN CARE has garnered an extensive fan base spanning the globe - United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Ghana. Our philosophy calls for an unyielding commitment to conform to strict safety standards in order to deliver quality products to our customers, our extended family.

By choosing TAYLOR MADE SKIN CARE, you can rest in the knowledge that our products are not only effective, but healthy as well.

Our entire product-line is paraben, GMO-free, and cruelty-free.

100% Made with Love.